Budget Graphics Cards for Inexpensive Gaming Action in 2016

Budget Graphics Cards for Inexpensive Gaming Action in 2016


Gaming is one of the activities that traditionally drives the acquisition of high-end, premium computing hardware, but this doesn’t mean that you’re out of the loop if you’re on a tight budget. The proliferation of next-gen GPU hardware and the fast product cycles common in the industry mean that you can get quite a lot of pixel-pushing power without having to spend your college or retirement fund. While you might not be able to run the latest games at max resolution and all effects turned on, you should be able to enjoy almost every game at more reasonable graphical settings with one of the budget cards we recommend.



1. GeForce GTX 950



The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 features 2 MB of GDDR5 memory and a core clock of 1024 MHz for a price of around $150 although you can find rebates and sales to bring the price down to around $130 or so. This GPU delivers fine performance at 1080p resolutions and outperforms the similarly priced AMD Radeon R7 370. Certain third-party partners, like Gigabyte and eVGA, offer superior overclocking potential, so your actual performance with those cards will probably be slightly better than benchmarks at factory settings might indicate.


GeForce GTX 950 Advantages:
• Can be easily overclocked
• Rebates/discounts available
• Good mix of value and performance



2. GeForce GTX 750 Ti



If you want to grab a bargain-basement card that’s nevertheless adequate for casual or moderate gaming, then the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti is worthy of your attention. It sports 2 gigs of GDDR5 RAM and can be overclocked from its base speed of 1020 Mhz, just like its big brother, the GTX 950. Another benefit is the fact that this board consumes much less power than other cards that deliver similar performance. You can get the GTX 750 Ti for around $110, so it’s a solid choice if money is a bit tight.


GeForce GTX 750 Ti Advantages:
• Ultra-low pricing
• Superior power efficiency



3. Radeon R9 380



AMD fanboys will be pleased to note that there’s a solution for cash-strapped aficionados of Team Red: the Radeon R9 380. It performs better than the GeForce GTX 750 Ti and GTX 950 described above despite running at a slightly slower clock speed. PC Gamer has named this the “best budget graphics card” in an article from the middle of June. The reasons it doesn’t completely blow the competition out of the water include its high power consumption and a price tag in the neighborhood of $175, which is pretty reasonable but is on the luxury end of the budget category.


Radeon R9 380 Advantages:
• Best performance in its price range
• 2GB and 4GB models available



Stay tuned to the latest announcements from the graphics card industry because the arrival of new GPUs will tend to drive the price of older models even lower. It’s very likely that the cards we’ve described will continue to drop in price, and other products will be bumped down from the mid-priced tier into the budget division. Of particular note is the upcoming Polaris architecture from AMD, which should push the cutting edge even further while making older cards more affordable.




Best Graphics Cards of 2016


ASUS GeForce GTX 980Ti Strix Gaming
The ASUS Strix GTX 980Ti is one of the fastest GPU’s on the market. Based on NVIDIA’s GTX 980 Ti GPU, the Strix GTX 980Ti has a core clock of 1216MHz up to a boost of 1291MHz. With a 7200MHz memory clock that out-runs the competition and a massive 12GB of RAM, this GPU is closer to NVIDIA’s Titan X than a standard GTX 980. Do not let the 980 denomination fool you–the Asus Strix 980Ti is a fantastic component.

In fact, despite the blistering speed of this GPU, the card remains quiet. Even under the heaviest usage, the fans never exceeded 47{ce9f06ac3cde6ddf3710c41211155de90760b04ce703bb8bab2f8b28759e242e} of their max speed during testing. However, the outstanding performance does come with a price. You can choose this GPU with less GB of RAM for a price as cheap as $600, however, the price only rises from there.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti7317_25_msi-geforce-gtx-980-ti-lightning-video-card-review
This GPU is a silent, cooling graphics card that is perfect for use in 4K gaming and virtual reality. While it costs around $669 at its cheapest online, some gamers may find this price tag worth it for the variety in gaming options this GPU provides. 4K UHD requires GTX 980 Ti and above, so this fits the bill. This GPU is also DirectX 12 Ready, Virtual Reality Ready, and includes Gamestream to NVIDIA Shield.

Here are some of the tech specs: Base clock of 1102 MHz, Boost clock of 1190 MHz, Memory clcok of 7010 MHz, CUDA cores: 2816, and a memory detail of 6144MB GDDR5.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080
The 1080 is the flagship gaming card of late by NVIDIA. This GPU is build on the latest Pascal, which delivers amazing performance gains, pumped up virtual reality capabilities, as well as improved power efficiency over the Maxwell models of the past. You get all of these improvements without much of a jump in the price.

For $699, this GPU is one of the most advanced GPU’s for a reasonable price.images (3)
Powered by NVIDIA’s new Pascal architecture, this GPU can deliver up to three times the performance of previous-generation GPU’s, not to mention the addition of new gaming tech capabilities such as Virtual Reality experiences.

The GTX 1080 has been designed to run cool using a superior heat dissipation vapor chamber and premium materials. The frame buffer is an improvement on the GTX 980’s–featuring an 8 GB GDDR5X frame buffer, gaming has never looked so smooth. This GPU also boasts a relative boost clock of 1.4x, an actual boost clock of 1733 MHz, and a memory speed of 10 Gbps.

All of these specs are vast improvements over previous generations and cannot be ignored. Your Virtual Reality experience will be truly incredible and the improvements are ground breaking.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition
This GPU may be unrealistic to place on this list, but it would not be complete without adding it. Sometimes, we need a little window shopping. The Founders Edition of the GTX 1080 costs around $810 and is an incredible high performance purchase–that is, if you do not mind spending the money for it.
This GPU is of course, built as a reference or stock design by the manufactueres. NVIDIA has decided to release their Founders Edition. While Founders Editions are typically the most basic version you can buy, the 1080 has over-engineered versions and includes an advanced vapor chamber cooler and an improved power circuitry. This means one thing: money.

This GPU has a significantly higher price than a typical reference GPU, to the tune of over $800.


Virtual Reality Ready


In addition to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU, NVIDIA has created a GPU intended specifically for VR: the NVIDIA GeForce GTX VR Ready for Virtual Reality gamers. If you prefer AMD, you can purchase the Radeon VR Ready Premium.


Radeon R9 390 or the GeForce GTX 970 are both an excellent choice for $215 and $300 respectively. For those who are watching their budget but want that extra boost, the GTX 970 is a great decision–in fact, this is the most popular GPU on Steam. As an extraordinarily popular GPU, keep the GeForce GTX 970 on your list.

The GTX 970 has a 4GB GDDR5 video memory, a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600, support for up to 4 monitors, and is Virtual Reality ready for intense gameplay. For a bit of a cheaper price than the GTX 970, you can purchase the AMD Radeon R9 390, which offers specs that are just as good as the 970 at a cheaper price. In fact, the R9 390 offers a max screen resolution of 4096 x 2160.


No matter which GPU you choose from this list, 2016 has been a groundbreaking year for outstanding graphics cards that have not only improved upon previous models, but have become innovative and ready for gaming’s next steps: 4K UHD and Virtual Reality.



Retro Styled Games Of 2016


If you are like me (an avid gamer) you are always looking for the next great game to play. Finding gems within the sea of games on the current market can be challenging, that’s why this article will take a look at a few titles to showcase noteworthy games that you may want to keep track of, purchase or otherwise learn about!


What Makes A Great Game?


In our mind, greatness stems from the amount of effort put forth. In the gaming market, there is a huge demand for supplying the “casual gamer” with time sink concepts with very little depth. This is fine for a core group of gamers, but what about the gamers who crave more? Greatness can be an abstract concept, what is amazing to one person may not be so great to others and due to preferences of genre, play style and other factors you may or may not agree with our findings. These are just a few of the thoughts we have in mind as we check out contenders for the best games of 2016.

Hyper Light Drifter9761a852fc686de96c9496f89a04948e




Hyper Light Drifter features a unique art style, seamless storytelling via encounters and inference and a rewarding but punishing combat system. The journey isn’t for the faint of heart, indeed many may find themselves obsessing with collecting every secret, clearing every room or finding all of the hidden passages.

The story of HLD unfolds as the silent protagonist traverses through the beautiful, but dangerous world set before him. The battle involves a mix of dashing, hand to hand and ranged combat to subdue your foes (who are very numerous). In addition, you face off against powerful “boss” entities as you progress who are sure to test your skill and might. The game doesn’t just focus on action however, it features interesting and unique obstacles and puzzle elements as you travel each area. The game manages to strike a delicate balance that not many games capture successfully, making HLD one of the best games of 2016.





Moonlighter is a project created in conjunction with the Square Enix Collective. You assume the role of a shopkeeper who must dungeon delve in order to upgrade and sell items to would be adventurers. You can also sell the items to upgrade your shop and gear as you search for even better loot. The concept is fresh, interesting and has beautiful art to accompany it. You can check out much more about Moonlighter on their crowdfunding campaign page.


Aurion The Legend of Kori Odanimages (1)



Aurion is an action adventure RPG title that features an amazing African fantasy world. You assume the role of a young king who must bring to justice those who staged a coup d’état. You travel across the land and face countless foes as you unleash your powerful combat skills against them. Gain companions and explore as you search for answers in Aurion : The Legend of Kori Odan.


StarDew Valley




Stardew Valley is a unique game which features using your farming skills to help your neighbors and towns. You can grow a wide variety of foods, scavenge, go mining, fishing , cooking and much, much more. The game is relaxing and great fun, making it ideal for people who are less concerned with action and more with gleaning every ounce of enjoyment from a game as possible. This game is literally packed with a cornucopia of depth.






If metroidvania type games are your thing, you should definitely check out Chasm. Chasm places you in the role of a young soldier who must make sense of the dangers befalling a town you are sent to investigate. Upon arrival, you learn that everyone within the town is trapped (including you). In an effort to escape, you take matters into your own hands — beginning your adventure!


As you can see 2016 has released many quality concepts and 2017 is shaping up to be just as great. Check out a few of these titles the next time you get bored, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Games That Demand High End Specs to Play


Modern gaming computers require the best graphics cards, processors, and ram before you’re even able to play most of the newer titles out there. Once you finish building your fully custom gaming rig you might not know what to play to take your computer to its limits before seeing where you can upgrade it in the future.GameScaling (1)



    1. 1. Just Cause 3



Just Cause 3 is a veritable oasis of chaos and destruction for any fans of fast paced shooters out there, but on top of this it also requires a higher end computer to run due to the sheer amount of massive explosions, bullets flying, bridges falling and all of the other Physics enabled objects all over the game world just waiting to be destroyed as you pass.


Needing a recommended 3.4 GHz processor, 8 GB of RAM, and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 3GB graphics card on a computer using the windows 7.1 or 8.1 operating systems Just cause 3 is a sure way to tank your frame rate on mid-range computer setups, ensuring that you need to have a great system to even think about running it at its best settings.



    1. 2. The Witcher 3: Wild Huntimages (2)


Created by CD Projekt Red, a company known for their stunning graphics and animations as well as their free distribution of all downloadable content for their games, The Witcher 3 is a prime candidate for testing your build or just having fun in an environment with amazing graphics that make the game feel so much more lifelike than many others out there with lower quality graphics.


Needing a recommended 3.4-4.0 GHz processor, 6 GB of RAM, NVIDIA GPU GeForce GTX 770 graphics, and a computer running windows 7+, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the most demanding games from 2015.



    1. 3. Crysis 3download



Crysis 3 is the third installment of the Crysis series, known since its start for being hard on computers and requiring the best of the best to run smoothly due to their graphics and particle effects that are constantly tanking the framerate of gamers everywhere when they aren’t using a good enough setup, ensuring that the Crysis franchise is a benchmark game for gamers everywhere when they want to test their new builds.


Needing a quad-core CPU, 8 GB of RAM, the latest DirectX 11 graphics card, and a computer running windows 7+ Crysis 3 is a beast of a game that is very demanding of computer systems and uses many resources in running, requiring top of the line equipment to perform properly.


A sure way to ensure that your computer is capable of running these titles, however, is to use a gaming benchmark to test your equipment before you purchase the game, there are many reliable tests available online such as WWW.3dmark.com with their gaming benchmark and graphics test used by gamers everywhere to test their system for its best performance



Over Clocking PCs and What It’s All About

Over Clocking PCs and What It’s All About


Overclocking a PC is when a user increases a component’s clock rate by running it at a higher speed than it is designed to run. This is typically done with CPU’s and GPU’s (the computer’s processor and graphics card, respectively). However, other components can be overclocked as well.


Focusing on CPU and GPU overclocking, think of it this way: while the factory set in your computer is designed to offer certain maximum frame rates and processing speeds(as well as other operations per second), overclocking a component means that you can squeeze more performance out of your computer.


Overclocking a CPU, for example, will increase your computer’s speed by means of setting a higher clock rate or multiplier in the BIOS of the computer, which means it can perform more of those operations per second than designed. If your computer is kept cool, this can be accomplished without overheating.


Overclocking a GPU can mean achieving more frame rates out of the graphics, which many gamers achieve to get the best display resolution and lag-free gameplay possible.


If you want to overclock your CPU or GPU (processor or graphics), you must first know whether you could and should do so. Many computer motherboards and Intel CPU’s ship with multipliers that are locked–meaning, you are prevented from messing about with their values and thus, preventing overclocking. Intel does, however, sell CPU’s of the “Extreme Edition,” which offer unlocked multipliers, which are targeted at gamers and other tech lovers who want to overclock their PC’s whenever they want to squeeze every drop of performance out of their setup as possible.


In most instances, overclocking is not necessary for the common PC user or even those who work on their PC’s a lot. Most computers, even laptops, now have become powerful enough that you would not even notice the difference after the work is done and your PC is overclocked. However, for some, such as gamers, they either may not have the money to upgrade component parts just yet, or just want to pump out all of the power they can.


To overclock your PC, there are different steps to take depending on each CPU and BIOS options offered in each PC. However, the basics are similar:


The most important part of overclocking component parts such as your CPU or GPU, is ensuring that your PC has the proper cooling. By speeding up your CPU, for example, you are speeding up the processing power–this generates more heat than the fans can handle, since the fans are programmed for the previous speeds. An aftermarket heat sink and fan can blow the hotter air away. Air flow is extremely important to overclocking–if your computer can’t handle the heat, then you may damage your computer and overclocking will have been a huge mistake. Some hardcore overclocking users use water-cooling systems, which use coolants inside tubes running through and around the computer. This is a more efficient method, but the average overclocker does not typically invest the money for this set up.118c


You will, of course, have to overclock in the BIOS. You should only overclock your computer if you know or have learned how to do it. You first must get into your PC’s BIOS and increase the CPU clock rate or the voltage. Take it a little at a time. Increase it by a small amount and then reboot your computer–see if your PC is stable. Make sure the cooling is efficient and simulate heavy computer usage to see if your PC can handle it. Do this bit by bit until you notice the heating is not keeping up or your PC becomes unstable. Then, drop it back down to the last stable level.


Remember, if you over-do the overclocking, your PC can become unstable. The purpose of overclocking is to make your computer better–more efficient, faster, better frame rates, etc… if you overheat it or overclock your CPU all at once in large amounts, you can do some damage.


If you are interesting in overclocking your PC, be sure to check out guides for your specific CPU first and do your research before attempting it.



PC Gaming Trends that are Coming in the Near Future


Gaming on the PC is going to become more streamlined and powerful in the near future. The world of PC gaming is going to branch off into many different directions but the primary changes will center on streaming and browser gaming.nvidia_trends_02_thumb

PC’s have and always will be a platform for gamers. This is especially true in modern times. Consoles are designed specifically for gaming but they are starting to fade away. Microsoft eliminated the Xbox 360 in May of 2016. They will no longer produce this type of console for gaming purposes. Since Microsoft has existed out of the console gaming market they are apparently getting ready to reenter the market through another platform.

Many gaming industry insiders have speculated that consoles are giving way to PC’s and that PC’s are going to become the dominant platform for gamers in the near future. No one can say with certainty if this is true or not but the industry as a whole seems to be moving in this direction.


Streaming Games

From 2012 to 2015 certain trends took place in the gaming industry. One of those trends included a gaming streaming service that streamed games through the internet and allowed players to control the action on their PC. This service did not rely on a person’s computer to play the game. All a player had to do was to control the action on their screen with their keyboard, mouse or game pad.

Game streaming services make it easier for people to play games and not have to worry about spending a bunch of money on different titles. Some of the major game streaming companies have folded back in 2015 due to business and financial problems but the idea is already in place waiting to be perfected.
Browser Games

Browsers are normally used for searching content on the internet. However, they are now being developed for online game playing. The major browser developers are now designing their browsers to be able to play name brand games. This will give gamers the ability to play titles directly from their computer. Browser games will provide players a new way to access content and titles with a monthly fee. This way they will not have to pay for hardware and discs.

The idea of virtual gaming is being tossed around as well. Virtual gaming is nothing new, but the technology has been significantly developed since its initial release back in the 90’s. Ultimately, developers are heading toward the PC in droves; this is because modern PC specs and features are able to do way more than any console could ever dream of doing.







How to Cool PCs for Beginners

How to Cool PCs for Beginners


When working with modern computers there are many parts involved that can produce large amounts of heat, leaving to all sorts of problems from random crashes to the computer shutting itself down. There are many ways of dispersing the heat that can range from simple fixes that anyone can manage in a matter of minutes to more complex processes that need to be done with more knowledge of the internal workings of computers.



    1. 1. Ensure that all vents and fans are clear of obstruction



If the vents and fan ports in your computer are covered or otherwise obstructed and can’t get enough airflow you won’t be able to get the heat dispersed quickly enough as computers use the fan ports to vent the heat out of the case, if enough cool air can’t be brought into the case due to obstructions of the vents and fans you will never be able to cool your PC.



    1. 2. Add additional fans to the cooling systemH2_1



Upgrading the cooling system by adding more fans in positions that bring more air into the case while venting the excess heat using other fans placed opposite the intake fans on the other side of the case.



    1. 3. Properly clean and maintain the inside of your case



Computer cases are dust magnets, and tons of dust can build up around key parts, making it more likely for them to overheat, a heat sink completely coated in dust is able to disperse heat less efficiently than a clean heat sink. Be careful when cleaning out your case, and don’t use any water or other sprays inside the case of your computer as this can damage parts instead of helping the situation. Using a low power vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air to get the dust out of your computer is a good option instead.



    1. 4. Reapply thermal paste to your CPU in order to allow the heat sink to disperse heat properly



As you dust out your case you’re likely to remove the heat sink from above your CPU in order to get all of the dust out of it. At this point you should also invest in a cheap tube of thermal paste from an online site such as www.newegg.com and apply this to the bottom of your heat sink before replacing it, this paste will help you to control the way heat is dispersed through the heat sink.



    1. 5. Use computer BIOS settings to customize the way the fans work



Most modern motherboards support using the BIOS to set your fan speeds and the temperatures that the fans will kick in or speed up to vent hot air from your case, allowing you to fully customize just how much your fans work to keep the internal components of your computer cooled off and working properly.


If you follow these tips and maintain your computer regularly you should be able to keep your computer running cooler than ever before while you work or play games, ensuring that you have the best experience possible every time you use your computer day to day and prolonging the life of your setup and lessening the risk of hard drive failure and other crashes or errors.

AMD VS NVIDIA The ultimate battle continues



As the sibling of a gentleman who would rather be in the company of computers than people, I may have a few words that could help you in your standstill. A debate I hear quite often in our family is which is better, AMD or Nvidia? The answer is simple if you know what you are looking for, and if you can answer this question. What are you going to be using your computer for? I have gathered a listen of pros and cons for both programs to help you decide which is in your favor.Nvidia-vs-Amd-3D-Wallpaper


AMD Pros:


Very affordable. If budgetting is your number one concern when making your decision then AMD is your choice


Higher video RAM. Although, AMD has also been reviewed to still be good for a gaming computer.


Excellent for multitasking


Strong GPU compute performance


The core speed is relativly high, and they have proven to be very strong in rendering


AMD Cons:


More power useage.


Although many sites claim fewer game makers prefer Nvidia that is not a supported statement. Each are in contract with specific game makers, which may or may not be in your favor when deciding


Problems with applications have been reported when using only 1-2 cores


Issues with support in regards to the software have also surfaced


Nvidia Pros:nvidia_vs_amd_by_kopianget-d8gibwo


Utlizes less power useage without hindering its speed, which is very high


It has a few added features, such as an adaptive Vsync


As I have mentioned in the AMD Cons list, game makers have contracts with either program. Therefore, it is hard to base your decision solely on which is best for gaming. The better question is, which games will you be playing on your computer?


Nvidia Cons:


Expensive. In comparison with AMD, Nvidia is not the choice for you if you are looking for a bargain


Not recommended for VR


Weak GPU compute performance, as well as less video RAM


Less memory bandwidth


Limitations to overlooking, which is assumed to be related to the locked voltage control


You have all of this information at the tips of your fingers, and yet you still may be wondering, “Which is best for what I want to do?” If you are like me sometimes when a pros and cons section is the only source of review then I am even more indecisive then when I began! Here is a quick sum of things. In the words of my brother and his fellow computer wizards, AMD and Nvidia are essentially the same with slight differences. Either choice will benefit you. In spite of the fact, those small contrasts have a big say in your decision making. To help you even further here is a website I feel may have additional comments to aid you


Top Sites for Cheap Gaming Laptops


A Gamer’s Dream – Gaming Laptops at Low Cost, High Quality!

Most gaming laptops require a strong processor and a dedicated graphics card. If you’re going to run the latest games on it, you need it to have some good power – which might mean that the cost of gaming laptops generally seem to be high.Here is a guide to chosing the best budget gaming laptops.

Despite the popular belief that low cost and high quality do not go hand in hand, there just might be ways to find that Holy Grail of gaming you’re looking for. These cool websites are all game when it comes to gaming laptops on a budget.

#1 www.xoticpc.com1becf93

Xoticpc offers gaming laptops at extremely competitive price. The website has an attractive UI, and allows you to browse through gaming laptops categorized on the basis of manufacturer, screen size, discounts, or the products ready to ship. They also offer customized gaming systems, where you can specify the features you want and they’ll provide you with them.

The site boasts of an impeccable customer service, and their claims are validated by customer feedback. But if you’re not a USA resident, shopping might not be a very wise choice since the shipping charges are quite high.


Competitive prices and discounts

Positive feedback

Easy to browse

Customizable gaming laptops


High shipping cost outside USA

#2 http://www.bestbuy.com

BestBuy offers a myriad of gaming laptops at incredible discounts, and allows you to browse through them after sorting them according to your priorities – the screen size you want, the operating systems, the price limits, the processor speeds, the graphics card, and several other factors, which makes it quite easy to find a laptop with all the features you desire at a price you can afford.


Reasonable pricing

Makes the choosing process easier with filters


#3 http://www.newegg.com/

Newegg.com- Computer Parts, Laptops, Electronics, HDTVs, Digital Cameras and More!
www.newegg.com provides gaming laptops and accessories at considerably low prices, and also offers a price match policy, where they match the price with other online retailers who are selling the same product for less money. There are several offers such as in-game value with purchase, and an option called “Power Search” which is similar to filters, where you check all the boxes next to the features you want and they choose the perfect laptop for you.


Low prices

Price matching policy

Power Search option

Get set for some serious gaming with a cheap gaming laptop. Playing everything from GTA 5 to Fifa 16 will be easy, with the right gaming laptop, and you can have one in the budget you want.


Top Four gaming blogs you should follow

Top Four gaming blogs you should follow

#1. Anifilereviews


This is one of the thrilling gaming blogs that has everything people need about gaming information. It has the best updates, trending and abolished games. If you want to have the best information about this blog, its simple, you just need to follow or subscribe to it using your email. They email all the updates to you to ensure that you understand all the gaming things in the world.

#2. Ben TheSage.com


Expect anything about gaming in this site. It has all the gaming news and categories you need. It could be about the technical difficulties of games, instructions about how to play some games and what you should do in case you want a certain game or any game product. This blog has contributions from the most experienced gamers who understand about all gaming issues so you can expect to have the best information here.

#3. Randomc.net


All video games and genre are featured in this blog. The founder and owner is a gambler who plays games and is well much informed in all the PC games. To ensure that you have the perfect game information you can follow this blog at all times. It has live chat where you can you can inquire about all your gaming questions at all times. The blog has information about gaming laptops and the features that they contain plus price. You just need to buy what is most suitable for all your gaming needs at all times.

#4. Tenka Seiha


This is one of the most thrilling blogs on gaming issues, facts and myths. It has the best information on what is contained in most games. It is the best gaming blog so far that has won many awards from across the globe.